enquiries@atbio.co.uk +44 (0)1949 898088 +44 (0)7900 692052
enquiries@atbio.co.uk+44 (0)1949 898088+44 (0)7900 692052

Plant Biostimulants and Soil Microbial Inoculants

ATBio are one of the foremost suppliers and consultants of BioNutrition treatments for turfgrass surfaces. Current clients include top golf courses and sports stadia.

BioNutrition addresses three problems caused by turfgrass management treatments that are based on synthetic fertiliser and pesticide programmes:



Solution using BioNutrition

                Damaged soil structure and low nutrient


Rehabilitate and maintain a healthy soil environment

                Fertiliser applications that result in disease,

                shallow rooting and build up of thatch

Feed the biology to restore turfgrass physiology & soil microbe population

                Slow surfaces caused by weakened turfgrass

                plant cell structure

Reinforcing turfgrass plant tissue for stiff, upright grass and high quality playing surfaces


BioNutrition harnesses and energises the natural turfgrass metabolism and microbe population in the root zone and results in robust, high quality and fast playing surfaces which recover quickly from wear and tear:


  • FAST & ROBUST ESTABLISHMENT of new golf courses & football pitches

  • COST SAVINGS through reduced inputs of irrigation, fertilisers and pesticides

  • IMPROVED PLAYING SURFACES due to enhanced plant metabolism and soil microbial activity

  • REDUCED ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT by reduced applications of synthetic chemicals onto turfgrass surfaces

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